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Beyond sharing the details of the actual projects and accomplishments of the Thomas Memorial Library Foundation, we want to share the stories of how the library has impacted its patrons. We want you to see the role the Thomas Memorial Library has played in the day-to-day life of citizens of Cape Elizabeth. We find these stories inspiring and make us extremely proud of the exceptional resource that the library continues to be.


This column by Thomas Memorial Library Foundation shares true stories from library users on how our library is making a difference to them and to the community

Thomas Library Foundation and the Community

Connection, Community, and Life-Long Learning

When Melanie moved to town in 2013 with her young children Shane and Stephanie, connecting with Thomas Memorial Library was “priority number one”.  She viewed the library as a way to be part of their new community and as a way to meet a commitment she made for her kids:

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Thomas Memorial Library in the time of COVID

Library in the Time of COVID

It’s been 14 months since I attempted to write a story about the Cape Elizabeth Library. So much has happened over the last year, more perhaps than any other comparable time period in my life. COVID certainly had a large impact, but world and national events also were responsible for a lot of the ensuing chaos. 

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Dental Lace at Thomas Memorial Library

Dental Lace Goes to The Thomas Memorial Library

I love Thomas Memorial Library as a casual reader and as a lifelong learner. You see, in 2016 I started a small business with no business experience or education. Thomas Memorial provided me with “How-To” and Patent books that helped guide me through the early stages of building my business.

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Thomas Memorial Library Home for Spring Break

Jane Comes Home for the Holidays

Jane, a senior at a highly ranked liberal arts college, expected this reaction.  Gripping her phone and trying to keep her trembling chin from showing in her voice, Jane tried to explain why she couldn’t possibly come home.

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Thomas Memorial Library Teen Reading Program

Reading and Winning

A young middle school student pulled up outside the library on his dirt bike.  Pulling his backpack off his shoulder, I watched as he tugged an orange paper from his bag. 

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Thomas Memorial Library Mary's Story

Mary’s Story

Mary (pseudonym) is a young girl who spends a lot of time these days at the Thomas Memorial Library. However, it wasn’t always that way for her. As an infant and toddler Mary had intense problems with noise, leaving home, and trusting caregivers other then her mom.

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Thomas Memorial Library Knitters Group

Knitters of Tales

When I shared with a fellow Board member that I knit, she immediately invited me to join the Thomas Memorial Library knitters’ group that meets every Monday from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at the library.

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Thomas Memorial Library Misteries Stories

Bill’s Thriller Mysteries

This is a story about how the Thomas Memorial Library helps retirees enjoy life.
During forty years as a professor of psychology, William Marshall read hundreds, perhaps
thousands of research papers.

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Thomas Memorial Library Adventure Books

Mom and The Saturday Library Adventures

Every day, and many times during the day, at public libraries all over the country, a librarian or a staff person helps an individual who wants something they cannot obtain on their own. My story is about one such staff person, and the dignity of one little old lady, who happens to be my Mom.

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