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Since 2005, the Thomas Memorial Library Foundation has led the effort to build a fund that will help grow and protect the Thomas Memorial Library in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The library is a department of the Town of Cape Elizabeth. The town owns the building and pays for the annual operating costs. The Foundation’s goal is to ensure that the library reaches and serves all of the residents of the Town of Cape Elizabeth now and for generations to come by providing additional financial support.


The mission of the Thomas Memorial Library Foundation is to raise private funds to help the Thomas Memorial Library support programs, educational needs and special needs which help it build community, support small businesses, and provide educational opportunities for people of all ages.


The TML Foundation envisions Thomas Memorial Library becoming one of the best libraries in New England among towns the size of Cape Elizabeth. Specifically:

  • We will work closely with the Library Director and staff, the Town’s Library Committee and others to help in developing this overall vision.
  • We will educate ourselves on the changing roles and trends in libraries so that we can better support the Thomas Memorial Library.
  • We will help tell the Thomas Memorial Library’s story about how it impacts real people and how this benefits all of the rest of us.
  • We will provide funding for special programs that are not included in the Town’s budget but address real needs and interests of Cape Elizabeth’s citizens.
  • We will provide funding for Library Staff’s continuing education so they can introduce new ideas and deliver better service.
  • We will advocate for the library as allowed by our non-profit status.
  • We will build an endowment to handle major capital needs in future years.
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