None of the work that we do to help the Thomas Memorial Library is possible without the generous donations from the community. We have set up different tiers of donations as shown below in the DONOR LIST for 2018-2019.  Another list called GIFTS IN MEMORY OF LIBRARY PATRONS follows this.

 Gifts of any size make a difference to the vitality of our library.  We very much appreciate anything you can contribute.


If you prefer, you can mail your check made payable to Thomas Memorial Library Foundation.

Thomas Memorial Library Foundation
6 Scott Dyer Road
Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107

All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. The Thomas MEmorial Library Foundation is a 510(c)(3) charitable organization. A gift receipt will be sent to you for tax purposes.


June 2018 through May 2019


$1000 AND UP

Alexander Family
Brenna & Peter Kelley
Suzanne & Cornelius McGinn Fund
The Redmond Family Foundation
Peter Rich
The Stier Family

Bold type indicates directed donations to the Endowment.



Joel and Kim Bassett Charitable Fund
James and Carolyn Birmingham Foundation
A.L. Carlisle
Whitney & Maria Drake
Mary Hodgkin & Thomas Dunne
I. Jane Isenberg
David & Rachel Keller
Anthony & Kathryn Ornatek
Martha Palmer & Jay Evans
Sandra Pfahler
Philip J. Villandry MD




Anonymous (5)
Priscilla Armstrong
Mary and Rusty Arnold
Beth Austin
Kathy Barber & Mark Dvorozniak
Richard Blake
Diane Boas and Barry Schklair
Jodi Breau
Sue Till and Gil Brennan
Dan & Dale Bryant
James Bucknam & Ann Elderkin
David & Jessica Butzel
Jan Chapman & Bruce Moore
Robert Chatfield
Derek Converse
Emily Cromwell
Barbara Diaz
Judith & Grant Dinmore
Thomas and Sarah Dowd
Stephen Edmondson & Margaret Randall
David and E. Patricia Ekedahl
June & Paul Farrow
Dan Fishbein & Ilene Schuchman
John and Michele Frost
Mandy & Terry Garmey
Robert & Tish Goettel
Cathy & Marshall Goldman
The Gray Family
James Hagan and Anne Wade
Peter Hamblin & Carol Titterton
Julian and Janice Hargraves
Anne Hill
The Wein Hirshon Charitable Foundation
Nelson Horne
Nancy G. and Scott J. Irving
Ryan & Kelsey Jackson
Linda Jacobs & Joseph Manning
Janick Family
Ernest Jordan
Kristina and Kevin Justh
Daisy Kaplan through the RDK Family Fund
Katherine Crosson and Lynn Bailets
Anne Swift-Kayatta & Bill Kayatta
Brigitte & Hal Kingsbury
Phyllis Klein
David Lambert and Lisa Derman
Mr. & Mrs. William Laverty
Alan and Genny Leathers
Amy & Jeremy Lombardo
Susan and Alastair MacVicar
Victoria Masakowski & Roger Inhorn
John E. and Jan Maxim
Michael McGovern
Marti & Tom Meyers
Frances and Edward Minden
Ann & Stephen Misterovich
John & Susan Mitchell
Elaine and John Moloney
Barbara Moore
Kenneth & Kathlyn Moran
George & Elizabeth Morse
Julien Murphy & Jacquelyn Hedlund
Sarah and Paul Muscat
Patrick and Linda Nicholas
Bo Norris & Cathy Houlihan
Sonja Orff and John M. Ney
William Owens
Jill Palmore
Margery Parks
Patterson Family
Heather Payson
Gerald & Charlene Petruccelli
Duncan and Marlene Potter
Lise & David Pratt
Thomas and Mika Reynolds
James & Drue Rowean
Daniel B. Sobel and Kira Wigoda
Andy & Annie Stickney
LeRoy Strohl
James and Kimberly Swihart
Beverly Thayer
The Miley Foundation
Michael & MaryAnne Tranfaglia
Jeffrey and Ellen Van Fleet
David & Diane Vickery
Villiotte Family
John and Victoria Volent
Wasserman Family
Norman & Judy Wilson
David and Nell Wing
Stanley Wisniewski
Paulette York & Richard Borts



  • John J. Aceto, Jr.
  • by Marie Aceto

  • Betsey Berry
  • by K. Scott Berry

  • Josh Kuck
  • by Dana Temple & Prudence Todd

  • Edward R. Lewicki
  • by Sandra Lewicki

  • Nancy Marshall
  • by Joel and Kim Bassett
  • by Jean and William Gosling
  • by Julian and Janice Hargraves
  • by Edward and Connie McCarthy
  • by Elizabeth and George Morse
  • by Robert Stier and Mary Ellen Fitzgerald
  • by LeRoy Strohl
  • by Beverly Thayer
  • by Wildwood Condo Board of Directors
  • by Nancy Marshall's librarian friends and traveling companions: Carole Joyce, Barbara Moore, Sandra Pfahler, Mary Jane Scherdin, Judy Tuttle

  • Adrienne T. Newell
  • by Chris Newell

  • Edward F. Saxby, Jr.
  • by Rev. Jill Saxby

  • Dorothy Mae Hackett Stack
  • by Frederick & Jennifer Aronson
  • by Alan & Gail Atkins
  • by Carl & Angela Best
  • by Arthur and Lisa Bowman
  • by Patricia Brigham
  • by Richard & Kimberly Brooks
  • by Carrie, Jeff, Zoe, Hans Croft
  • by Stephen & Holly Culver
  • by Robert Danielson
  • by Marco and Barbi Diaz
  • by Charles & Deborah Fisher
  • by Pat DuBois Fowler
  • by Patricia Franson
  • by Cathy Houlihan & John Norris III
  • by Nancy Hunt
  • by Scott & Nancy Irving
  • by Herbert & Kathleen Janick
  • by William Kayatta Jr. and Anne Swift-Kayata
  • by Christine Mackenzie and the Brentwood West Assoc.
  • by Jim & Pat Masi
  • by Thomas & Judith Meschinelli
  • by Martha Meyers
  • by Elaine Moloney and Dorothy Stack's Friends
  • by John & Suzanne Murphy
  • by Pauline O’Donnell
  • by Stuart & Lynne Sayre
  • by Kathleen and John Stack
  • by John & Suzanne Murphy
  • by Mark & Mary Pat Sweeney
  • by the Wasserman Family



Anonymous (3)
Stephanie Anderson
Flora Arndt
Mark and Cynthia Ayers
Robert & Linda Ayotte
Kristen and Philip Baker
Joe Barbieri and Rebecca Roth
Julia Bassett Schwerin
Stephen Bates & Debra Andrews
Meg Baxter
Michael and Jeanne Beck
Gary & Jane Beckwith
Peter and Kate Blake
Lauren and Daniel Bodenski
Arthur and Lisa Bowman
Maureen Brogan and Gene Ferriter
Linda S. Card
Patricia A. Carignan
Peter and Janine Bisaillon Cary
Richard & Anne Cass
Daniel & Patricia Chase
Jon & Paddy Clark
John & Doris Cormier
Lisa Cotter
Zuzka Sladek and Michael Coughlin
Steven and Holly Culver
Shirley Curley
Linda Curran
Laura De Paolo
John & Diane Devlin
Steven and Susan Dobieski
Bob Dodd and Carole Haas
Eve L. Downing Fund
Catey Draper and Eugene Cole
Martha A. Duncan
Sandi Dunham
Susan E. Farady
The Fibich Family
Vivian Findlay
Joseph Foley
Mary Fortin
Jill and Gregg Frame
Diane S. Frost
Susan R. Frost
Amy Gamble and Chris Gamble
Kenneth Gaspar
Laura & Chris Gebhart
Steve & Lisa Gent
Connie Goldman
Steven Goldstein and Mary Pinto
Sara Gooch
William Gosling
Hans Hackett and Amy Witt
Erick and Cheryl Hagmann
A. James & Valerie Hall
Milton & Marguerite Hallowell
Marianne Heard
Susan Hunt
Albert N. Hutchinson
Annette Jordan
Matt and Carmensol Kesselhaut
Erika and Joseph Charpentier
The Kruger Family
Sandy Larlee
Kara Law
Thomas & Karen Lechner
William and Susan L'Hommedieu
Deborah Locke
James Lomac & Sheila Roy
Mary Ann Lynch
Frank and Marce Marcoux
James and Catherine Patricia Masi
Connie and Ed McCarthy
Sean McCormick and Kalli Varaklis
Peter & Jennifer McFarland
Barbara J. McKim
Frank and Nancy Miles
Rebecca Millett
Timothy and Denise Mitchell
Alan and Jill Morris
Stephan and Susan Myers
Bill & Linda Nickerson
Austine O'Connor
Richard and Irene O'Donnell
Tonda L. Olson
Harold and Claudia Pachios
Rachel Perry
Colen Peters
Vera Pevny
Roger and Margie Pezzuti
Igor and Svetlana Prudovsky
Anne Richmond
Jennifer Rooks and Michael Moran
Joseph Rosolino
James & Judith Rowe
Don & Sue Rudalevige
Susan and Jeff Saffer
Bruce & Kathy Sahrbeck
Carol & David Scheffler
Diane Smith
Stephen & Elaine Smith
Anne M. Spelman
Bernice Stevens
Joseph and Lisa Stevens
Florence Stewart
Frank & Nancy Strout
James and Thuy Sullivan
Dr. and Mrs. John Kelly Sullivan
Mark and Mary Pat Sweeney
Eileen Taft
Ramey Tomson
Nina and Robert Trowbridge
Anne & John Upton
Robert & Phyllis Wagstaff
Thomas and Ann Walz
Gary & Joanne Warren
Randall Weill & Kitty Coughlin
Christopher Wellins and Scottie Siewers
Thomas and Kathlyn Werner
Richard and Elizabeth Wexler
Sarah Whitney
Jack and Byrd Wood
The Zimmerman Charitable Fund

Bold type indicates directed donations to the Endowment.