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Dental Lace Goes to The Thomas Memorial Library

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Dental Lace Goes to The Thomas Memorial Library

I love Thomas Memorial Library as a casual reader and as a lifelong learner.

You see, in 2016 I started a small business with no business experience or education. Thomas Memorial provided me with “How-To” and Patent books that helped guide me through the early stages of building my business. I also found several books that inspired me.

I launched my business and online sales in January 2017. By October 2017, Dental Lace, Inc. was seeing strong online sales. Then the storm hit in late October. Without electricity it wasn’t possible for me to see online orders, or respond to wholesale orders through email. Basically my business was closed at a time when retailers were placing their orders for “Black Friday.” By day 2, I guessed correctly that the library was open. I was able to reopen my online stores and fulfill orders right there in the library. I printed off mailing labels and orders without a hitch. I continue to find useful resources that help me problem solve when needed.

I’m so grateful for our wonderful library.

Jodi Breau, President, Dental Lace Inc. shared this story with the Foundation through the online website “Library Love.”    

Note from Foundation’s story telling team: You can learn more about the history of Dental Lace in June article of the Cape Courier.   and from the website: 

This is just one example of how the Thomas Memorial Library makes a difference to small businesses, self-employed and working people in Cape Elizabeth.

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