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Library in the Time of COVID

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Library in the Time of COVID

By Mary Capobianco

It’s been 14 months since I attempted to write a story about the Cape Elizabeth Library. So much has happened over the last year, more perhaps than any other comparable time period in my life. COVID certainly had a large impact, but world and national events also were responsible for a lot of the ensuing chaos. 

The way we socialize, work, raise our children, hug our grandchildren and view politics have impacted our lives and perspectives.  The Cape Elizabeth library did not escape these changes as it closed its doors on March 2020. The Director and staff assumed new roles and found alternative ways to serve the town’s residents and provide books and online programs. 

Welcoming spring and the hopes for the opening of TML doors have blossomed, but we must also acknowledging a great loss. George Morse lost his fight with cancer and passed away March 2021. George was the former president of Thomas Memorial Library Foundation. He was the force behind creating the storytelling committee which was responsible for our library stories that were published monthly in the Cape Courier. George believed strongly that patrons sharing their personal stories about how the library makes a difference in their lives is the strongest stimulus for future library support    George was TML’s strongest advocate. 

As one of the writers, I find myself today sitting outside in the sun remembering George and his motivation to keep the stories alive. I have missed the library these long months.   I want to return to browse the shelves for new titles, book recommendations, and find the camaraderie of local readers. I want to attend programs listening to experts share their knowledge with the well versed audience. I need to hear children’s laughter at stories being read aloud. I want to be back spending time with library staff and patrons who share my love of learning and are excited about new opportunities and friendships. 

Our library doors will open soon. We will all return to be greeted at the front desk with smiles.   We will appreciate the gift our library gives to us.   I know George will be there with us in spirit. 

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