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Connection, Community, and Life-Long Learning

When Melanie moved to town in 2013 with her young children Shane and Stephanie, connecting with Thomas Memorial Library was “priority number one”.  She viewed the library as a way to be part of their new community and as a way to meet a commitment she made for her kids: expose them to as many ideas as possible so they could develop into well-rounded individuals who are life-long learners.

Fast forward a few years later. For Shane and Stephanie, now middle-schoolers, turning to the library and its staff is routine. Sometimes they’re seeking a deep-dive into a subject they love. At other times, a new subject to explore. A few years ago Shane was eager to learn everything he could about chess. He had just returned from a family reunion and a cousin had taught him how to play. Shane was hooked. TML gave him the ability to pursue this new passion, as he reads books on the subject and attends chess sessions the library offers on Saturdays. And he taught Stephanie how to play.

 Stephanie loves to connect with the staff, and it’s always a fun surprise when they include a few extra titles that might interest her in her bundle of reserved books. The kids have done all of the “take and make” craft kits and always participate in the summer reading program. That program, says Melanie, is a “win-win” – not only does it provide a fun way to continue reading over school break, but it also encourages her kids to recommend to the staff some titles they think others their age might enjoy.  Win-win, indeed.

While the Town of Cape Elizabeth keeps the access and welcoming lights on, the Thomas Memorial Library Foundation helps those lights burn bright and wide to encourage taking that deep dive or finding something new. The Foundation provides programs and resources for our community that would otherwise be outside the scope of the library’s budget, including ‘Blind Date with a Book’ and our Summer Reading Program. Donations by residents like you allow the Foundation to support its patrons today and into the future. You may donate on our website or by check mailed to the TMLF.  Go to our website for details:

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