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Connection, Community, and Life-Long Learning

Thomas Library Foundation and the Community

When Melanie moved to town in 2013 with her young children Shane and Stephanie, connecting with Thomas Memorial Library was “priority number one”.  She viewed the library as a way to be part of their new community and as a way to meet a commitment she made for her kids:

Library in the Time of COVID

Thomas Memorial Library in the time of COVID

It’s been 14 months since I attempted to write a story about the Cape Elizabeth Library. So much has happened over the last year, more perhaps than any other comparable time period in my life. COVID certainly had a large impact, but world and national events also were responsible for a lot of the ensuing chaos. 

Grannie, Can We Go To The Library?

August is the month that all of my grandchildren come to visit and enjoy Maine’s beautiful summers. Last year the week following the Beach to Beacon was exceptionally hot and humid

Book Club Surprises Wilson

Thomas Memorial Library Book Club, Wilson

Wilson grew up on a farm in rural Maine, went to college planning to be a fourth generation farmer, and ended up as a professor in a Big Ten university. 

Dental Lace Goes to The Thomas Memorial Library

Dental Lace at Thomas Memorial Library

I love Thomas Memorial Library as a casual reader and as a lifelong learner. You see, in 2016 I started a small business with no business experience or education. Thomas Memorial provided me with “How-To” and Patent books that helped guide me through the early stages of building my business.

Tears and Laughter at the Library

Thomas Memorial Library toys

Joyce had just received news that her mother died. Alone, with two young children and amongst the happy bustle of kid’s free play at the Thomas Memorial Library, Joyce felt the room begin to spin.

A Powerful Learning Day

Thomas Memorial Library power supply

The October 2017 storm in Cape Elizabeth left many in the dark. Nearly two-thirds of Cape Elizabeth’s properties were left without power for several days.

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