Thomas Memorial Library Foundation Committees 2019

Our Foundation meets six times per year as a full board with many of the strategic priorities implemented by committees that meet between these meetings. Below are the Foundation’s four long-term priorities and the related standing committees and/or coordinators, the committee’s 2019 membership and roles.

Foundation Priority 1:

Providing financial support for TML Programs, Services, Staff Development and Equipment not covered by the town and proposed by the library director.

  • ANNUAL APPEAL COMMITTEE: Kim Swihart, Chair; Gilbert Brennan, George Morse, and Catey Draper.
  • This committee conducts the annual appeal that is mailed to all 3,500+ households in Cape Elizabeth. The committee’s specific duties include:

    • Development of the annual appeal letters, an insert on the way funds have been used in the past and a remit envelope.
    • Organization of two mailing lists, prior donors list from the Foundation’s data base and other households from a purchased mailing list.
    • Contracting with printers and securing the non-profit mailing permits.
    • Hiring and supervising data base contractor.
    • Recording donations in the Foundation’s data base.
    • Depositing donations in the Foundation’s account.
    • Mailing acknowledgement letters to the donors.
    • Developing a list of donors who grant permission for the Foundation’s website.

  • The Naming Rights Coordinator works with individuals who would like the naming rights to a room or a step, the Library Director, and the Town’s Facilities Director. While most of the rooms were named during the 2014-15 Capital Campaign, there are still a few rooms and a number of steps available.

Foundation Priority 2:

Communicating with donors and the public on the benefits
to the library from their donations.

  • LIBRARY USER STORIES COMMITTEE: Mary Capobianco, Chair; Julia Bassett Schwerin; Gregg Frame, Nancy Irving and George Morse.
  • This committee shares true stories about how the Thomas Memorial Library has made a difference to library users, following the American Library Association’s suggested approach.

    The committee members identify potential stories from people they know and by attending programs. If a patron agrees to share their story, the committee member interviews them and then drafts the story. It is sent to the patron for review and revision and eventually final approval. Then it is sent to the Library Director for edits to ensure that all mention of the library programs is accurate.

    The committee follows guidelines outlined in the following complementary resource materials:

  • WEBSITE COMMITTEE: Kim Swihart, Chair; Julia Bassett Schwerin, and Tyler Patterson.
  • This committee updated the Foundation’s website in 2019.

    • Individual committees suggest content for aspects related to their work and
    • The Website Committee recommends major policy questions to the Executive Committee and full Board, and
    • Hires and supervises a part time website manager contractor.

Foundation Priority 3:

Long-term funding for future building needs.

  • FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ADVISOR: Geoffrey Alexander, the Foundation’s longest serving member in 2019.
  • The Foundation is building an endowment to help on the next major capital need and to provide on-going support for library programs. Geoffrey Alexander manages our Fidelity Account for the endowment in coordination with our treasurer.

    • A portion of the annual appeal funds go into the foundation’s endowment.
    • Up to 4 percent of the end of the year balance can be used for annual programming and continuing education if necessary.
    • All new naming rights donations go into the endowment fund.

Foundation Priority 4:

Recruiting New Foundation Directors.

  • RECRUITMENT COORDINATOR: Tyler Patterson with all committees and members.
  • The Foundation is recruiting members who are both passionate about our library and have the experience and skills needed to implement our priorities.

    • Most new Directors first become volunteers on one of our committees and then are nominated to join the board.
    • Some positions call for special skills and are nominated directly.


      George Morse, President; Tyler Patterson, Vice President; Julia Bassett Schwerin, Secretary; Gilbert Brennan, Treasurer; Kim Swihart, Annual Appeal Chair; and Mary Capobianco, Library Patrons Stories Chair.

      The Executive Committee meets between the bimonthly meetings and has the following roles:

      • Suggests topics to the President for the full board meetings;
      • Annually recommends membership for the standing committees after consultation with individual members;
      • Coordinates the work between the standing committees;
      • Encourages each standing and/or ad hoc committee to develop written plans of work and responsibilities (RACI models) to ensure that work goes smoothly within and between committees;
      • Suggests ad hoc committees when necessary;
      • Develops a recommended annual Foundation budget for the full board to vote on at their January meeting;
      • Recommends the annual amount to grant to the Library Director for funding programs and continuing education of his staff;
      • Sets standards of reporting on how the funds granted to the Library Director for programs and continuing education are used; and
      • Provide leadership in recruitment, in cooperation with standing committees and all other Foundation Directors.

      TOWN COUNCIL LIAISON: Jeremy Gabrielson.

      The Town Council Liaison is appointed by the Town Council on an annual basis. Due to many responsibilities of town councilors, this liaison position is not expected to serve on another committee as is the case for all other members.

      LIBRARY DIRECTOR (ex officio): Kyle Neugebauer

      Provides regular reports on the library projects implemented with Foundation funds and other issues.